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Wedding Dress Designers - Casablanca Bridal

Price range: £1,400 - £1,850

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Soft, romantic and overtly feminine, Casablanca Bridal combines classic silhouettes with modern style notes. Each and every Casablanca wedding dress is as unique as the bride wearing the dress. Made individually with such love and care making sure that each gown meets the bride’s specific needs. From hand beaded designs, exquisite laces, to custom design changes. With a Casablanca wedding dress you can truly make it your own.


About Casablanca Bridal

Founded in 1997 Casablanca Bridal are committed to designing and making original wedding dresses at a superb quality with the highest attention to detail.

The brand started out as a husband and wife team with their aim to bring high-end couture designs at a more affordable price tag. The Lu’s achieved this by cutting out the middle-man.


Casablanca make all of their dresses in their privately owned factory allowing every dress to be made-to-order to the highest quality. Customisations range from something as simple as lengthening the train, to elaborate design changes such as incorporating sleeves on a strapless gown – anything is possible.


The now extensive design team search the world for luxurious fabrics, exquisite laces, and dazzling embellishments and bringing them all together in beautiful new designs season after season.


Casablanca Bridal Wedding Dresses

Combining fresh innovative designs with classic style notes Casablanca Bridal create show-stopping wedding dresses. Delicate hand-finished sparkle, bold lace patterns and flowing trains are just some of the beautiful parts that can make up your Casablanca wedding dress.


I fell in love with the Casablanca Bridal dress as soon as I saw them and had to have them in the boutique. The flattering silhouettes, full sparkle tulle skirts and original lace designs fit perfectly with my mission to offer brides something different. I also love the fact that any of there dresses can be customised to your hearts content meaning that no dress is ever the same and will be your version of perfect.

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