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Price range: £1,950 - £4,120

Welcome to the world of Pronovias wedding dresses, where elegance and beauty intertwine to create unforgettable moments. With a legacy spanning over a century, Pronovias has established itself as a leading bridal designer, captivating brides worldwide with their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each gown is meticulously crafted to reflect the unique personality and style of every bride, ensuring a perfect fit and an exquisite silhouette. From timeless classics to contemporary designs, Pronovias offers a diverse range of wedding dresses, allowing brides to find their dream gown within a price range of £1,580-£2,870. Get ready to embark on a journey of pure enchantment as you discover the magic that Pronovias brings to your special day.


    "My vision for Pronovias is to create the perfect dress that enhances the beauty of each bride's body and soul."

    Alessandra Rinaudo - Artistic Director

    A Pronovias wedding dress is really something that dreams are made of. A heritage brand who continue year after year to deliver outstanding quality, excellent craftsmanship and pioneering innovation. 

    Their collection of dresses are designed for confident, stylish women who are set to be the star of her wedding day.  

    The innovations these wedding dresses promise year on year continue to capture the hearts of adoring fans and friends. 


    About Pronovias

    The new Artistic Director, Alessandra, has bought undeniable glamour to the brand. Her family background in bridal has meant she's gown up surrounded by precious fabrics and romantic silhouettes. 

    Pronovias pride themselves in being the leading global, luxury bridal brand. From classic silhouettes to luxuriously daring fabrics these dresses always stand out from the crowd in the best way.  


    Pronovias Wedding Dress

    Expect only the very best from your Pronovias wedding dress. These dresses are designed with elegance and are always at the forefront of glamorous bridal trends.


    Alessandra has lead her design house with creativity. From new necklines and luxurious inlays to novel silhouettes and modern draperies. The delicate fabrics breathe life into otherwise traditional gowns. With the upmost attention to detail that makes such an impact on a wedding dress flawless patterns incorporate high-slit skirts and low-fitted waistlines for added glamour. 

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