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Pronovias - Kaya

Pronovias - Kaya


The Pronovias Kaya dress is such a showstopper of a wedding dress. From the Pronovias Joy Collection this long sleeve crepe wedding dress brings all the glamour. With lace perfectly placed along the side of the sleeves and down the entire side of the dress, this added just the right amount of drama. At the front of the dress, a classic, elegent v-neckline. At the back of the dress a bold open back with a beautiful lace edging. 

If you're a bride who is on the search for the perfect crepe wedding dress that has that something extra, this is it. 

There are also so many customisations that you can make to this dress so that it's 100% perfect for you. Don't want your back on show, no problem, we'll continue the gorgeous lace so you have more coverage. Not a fan of puffy sleeves, easy, we'll take the puff out so they still lay flat. Love button detail, we've got you, and can add them all the way down the train. 

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