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How To Store A Wedding Dress Before The Wedding - Top Tips

With the boutique soon to reopen – yay!! In case you’ve been under a rock or have somehow missed me shouting from the rooftops on social media I’m re-opening on 16th June. I thought now was the perfect time to talk about how to store a wedding dress before your big day. I get asked this question a lot and with lots of brides having to postpone their big day, I wanted to talk about how to store a wedding dress. Whether it’s a few months or another year away, your time will come and it will be worth the wait. In the meantime you’ll want to keep your dress in perfect condition, so read on to find out exactly how to do that.

1. How to store a wedding dress – where to keep it?

One of the most important things to remember when considering how to store a wedding dress is to make sure that you keep it in a cool, dark room. Wardrobes or closets are perfect for this but make sure that there’s no damp.

Keep your wedding dress away from direct sunlight and smoke as this can cause discolouration of the gown. If you’re dress touches the floor, don’t worry about this too much as when you bring your dress back in for fittings we’ll steam out all the creases for you.

2. How to store a wedding dress – what to keep it in?

So apart from keeping your dress in a wardrobe or closet you’re going to want to keep it protected. All of my brides will receive your dress in a breathable garment bag. These are perfect to keep your dress in as they allow the fabric to breathe whilst protecting it at the same time. Sometimes dresses come in plastic, especially if your dress is beaded, make sure that you remove the plastic as this can sometimes cause moisture to get trapped in the dress and may cause an odour, which you don’t want.

3. How to store a wedding dress – how to hang it?

Make sure that you use the hanger loops in the dress, they’re there for a reason. This will prevent the fabric and straps from stretching. If you use the loops and there is still a lot of weight hanging from the dress or if your wedding dress is particularly heavy it’s a good idea to wrap the hanger loops around the hanger a couple of times. This will make sure that the loops are taking the weight of the dress and not the straps.

Most wedding dresses have trains, some of which are a lot longer than others. If you have a long train on your dress you’ll also have a loop hanger on the end of the train. Pull this out and hook it on to the hook of the hanger so that it’s not getting crumpled in the bottom of your dress bag.

If you’re keeping your dress for a long period it’s a good idea, once a month, to get it out of the bag and lay it out flat for a little while. Make sure you put your hand behind the zip when opening the bag to make sure that it doesn’t catch on the dress.

4. How to store a wedding dress – my dress has creased while storing it, what should I do?

Don’t worry at all. When you come for your fittings I’ll steam your dress after your final fitting and before you collect it for your wedding day. After that I’ll re-hang it for you in the breathable garment bag. This time when you take it away follow all of the advice above but this time make sure that you’re dress doesn’t touch the floor to make sure that the bottom doesn’t crease before the big day.

5. How to store a wedding dress – Dos and Don’ts to remember?

DO keep it in a cool, dry space.

DO remove any plastic covers.

DO hang it from the dress hanger loops, not the straps!

DO keep it in a breathable garment bag (like the ones that I provide).

DON’T keep it in plastic.

DON’T let it close to any damp, direct sunlight or smoke.

Thanks for reading.

Becky xx


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