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Round Up: London Bridal Week

Fresh back from our buying trip to London we thought we share some of the highlights with you. Check out our Instagram page for more pics from the weekend.

Day 1:

We started off by visiting our fabulous designers and reviewing the new 2020 collections. Needless to say all of the dresses are gorgeous but we can’t have ‘em all! Below is a sneak peek at a few styles that will be coming in to Lavelle Bridal Couture later this year...

Day 2:

Our second day was all about the new trends. We went to the Bridal Preview Catwalk where designers highlight the key trends of the new season. Silhouettes tend to switch between ballgown and more fitted styles but with added flamboyance this season. Mermaid shapes incorporate soft tulle for dramatic effect. With ballgown styles that seemed to glide down the catwalk. Layers of sparkle underlined gowns to give a little glint as they pass. Dresses adorned with feathers offer up a new style of embellishment and combined with sparkling gems they’ve certainly won us over. Capes are a big trend for the new season whether it be a full length style or something more subtle that's attached to the sleeve. Separates continue to be a catwalk hit, with skirts but now also trouser options too.

Day 3:

Our final day in the big city meant our trip had to be completed with a visit to JJ Wimbourne Studios where we were on the lookout for some new designers. Good news is we found some beautiful new dresses that’ll be arriving in to Lavelle Bridal Couture later this year!

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