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The Bow Trend in Wedding Dresses and Bridal Accessories

Pronovias Ophelia Wedding Dress with Bow Veil Hair Accessory

In the ever-evolving landscape of bridal fashion, trends come and go, but some elements endure, weaving themselves into the very fabric of wedding style. One such timeless motif making a resplendent comeback is the humble yet enchanting bow. From delicate accents to bold statements, bows are adorning wedding dresses and bridal accessories with a touch of whimsy and romance, captivating brides-to-be, designers and as you may have guessed, I’m a huge fan!

The allure of the bow lies in its versatility. It can exude innocence and playfulness or sophistication and glamour, depending on its size, placement, and design. One of the most captivating aspects of this trend is its ability to seamlessly blend with any wedding style, be it classic, modern, vintage, or bohemian. So whatever kind of bride you’d like to be on your big day, you can absolutely be a bow bride. 

In wedding dresses, bows are making a statement in various forms. For the minimalist bride, a subtle bow accent at the waist or back adds a touch of femininity to an otherwise sleek silhouette. Designers are also incorporating oversized bows as dramatic focal points, gracing the back of gowns with cascading tails that trail gracefully behind the bride, creating a stunning visual impact with every step down the aisle. Or in the case of Vera Wang, the more bows the better…and I’m here for that Vera!

Bows are not limited to wedding dresses alone; they are also stealing the spotlight in bridal accessories. Veils adorned with dainty bow details lend a romantic charm to bridal ensembles, while bow-tie belts cinch the waistline and add a playful touch to bridal separates. Shoes adorned with bow embellishments offer brides the opportunity to carry the theme from head to toe, completing their look with elegance and flair.

Moreover, the bow trend extends beyond the bride, making appearances in bridesmaid dresses, flower girl attire, and even groomsmen accessories. Coordinating bow details throughout the wedding party's attire creates a cohesive and visually stunning aesthetic, tying together the entire celebration with a sense of unity and style.

What makes the bow trend particularly appealing is its timeless appeal. Unlike fleeting fads, bows have graced wedding attire for centuries, symbolising love, femininity, and celebration. They evoke a sense of nostalgia while remaining effortlessly chic, making them the perfect choice for brides seeking a touch of tradition with a modern twist.

As bridal fashion continues to evolve, the bow trend serves as a reminder of the enduring allure of classic elegance. Whether adorning a wedding gown or accentuating bridal accessories, bows add a whimsical and romantic touch to any bridal ensemble, leaving brides feeling beautiful, confident, and utterly enchanting on their special day. So, whether you're a bride-to-be or simply a lover of all things bridal, embrace the charm of bows and let them adorn your wedding day with timeless grace and style.

Book your bridal appointment today and we can add all the bows you’d like to your wedding look whether you opt for a delicate nod-to, a stunning oversized option or maybe something sparkly to add to your evening look. Together we can create your dream bow look to add a little bit of something to you wedding dress.

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