Wedding Dress Shopping Tips - What To Wear To Your Wedding Dress Appointment & More

This is a question that I get asked all the time by my brides because, let’s face it, shopping for a wedding dress isn’t something that you do every day. Below are my top wedding dress shopping tips from what to wear to your wedding dress appointment and what to bring with you to how to prepare for your wedding dress shopping appointment.

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips #1 - What underwear to wear to your wedding dress appointment?

A bride looking in to the mirror in her wedding dress appointment wearing a Dando London ivory wedding dress.

So let’s start with the basics… the majority of wedding dresses that you’re going to try on will be ivory, or white, or a subtle blush/champagne tone so if you rock up to your wedding dress appointment in pink stripy knickers, the chances are your going to see them through the dress. And trust me when I say, it’s the only thing that you’ll see. You’d be amazed at how many brides and their Mum/sister/best friend, (whoever you decide to bring with you to your appointment) will get distracted and only focus on being able to see your underwear through your dress. Think of it like wearing a pair of white jeans. It’s not going to matter how thick that denim is, you’ll still be able to see your bright or dark underwear through them.

So, just don’t do it. Pick a colour of underwear that is closest to your skin tone. A nude is going to be the best option, but like I say, make sure that it matches your skin tone as closely as possible.

With knickers it’s also often a good idea to go for a size up. Or just make sure that they’re not digging in. If you’re trying fitted wedding dresses on, you don’t want to be seeing your VPL because the only pair of nude knickers you’ve got in your draw are from 5 years ago. Go out, treat yourself, to a new pair of comfortable nude undies. You’ll thank me for this later…I promise!!

Next up bras. It’ll highly likely that you won’t be wearing a bra with your wedding dress. Yes, I hear you bigger busted ladies, even you. Most wedding dresses have the support in them, boning, cups etc to keep everything in place. Or, if they don’t we can build this in to them. I also have a fantastic selection of Secret Weapons to help keep everything in place or if you need an extra little lift and don’t want to wear a bra. From Kardashian style boob tape to cleavage Invisilifts and beyond.

However, having said all of that, if you’d rather wear a bra on your wedding day, and this would make you feel more comfortable on your big day then that’s totally fine. Just again, similar to your knickers, go nude, also consider where the back of your dress comes to and if you’ll be able to see your bra as we don’t want that. We can put bra hooks in your straps to make sure they don’t start falling down in the middle of your ceremony because we definitely don't want that. The most important thing to remember is to make sure you have your bra ready for your fittings. I've had to send girls away before because we can’t fit your dress without your underwear.

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips #2 - How to prepare for your wedding dress appointment.

A bride with her hair and makeup done in her wedding dress appointment trying on wedding dresses and hair accessories.

This is one of my favourite bits… have a pamper morning. Use that exfoliator and the good shower gel. Dig out your body moisturiser that you always vow to use after every shower but never usually have time for. Or, even better, jump in the bath with those expensive bath oils that you got for Christmas but have been saving for a special occasion bath. Then once you’re feeling suitably pampered from the comfort of your own bathroom take you time to do your hair and makeup.