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Wedding Dress Styles - Coloured Wedding Dresses - Which Colour Should I Choose?

Although many of my brides still like to opt for ivory wedding dresses I've been seeing a shift recently to more brides wanting coloured wedding dresses. This comes from various reasons. Some want to opt for something a little more unique whereas others find that coloured wedding dresses suit their skin tone more. Whatever your reason I have a beautiful selection at Lavelle Bridal Couture and I'd love for you to come and find your dream wedding dress with me, whatever the colour.

So who decided wedding dresses should be white in the first place? Well a little bit of history for you...

It only became popular to wear white to your wedding in 1840 after Queen Victoria married and made it fashionable. Prior to this it was quite common to wear bright colours and luxurious fabrics which symbolised wealth. When Queen Victoria got married to Albert of Saxe-Coburg there were many illustrations of her white bridal gown that were widely published. A 19th Century Hello! magazine.

Now-a-days the majority of wedding dresses are 'wedding white' which is usually ivory. White is actually quite a stark colour when you look at it in comparison to ivory. Where as ivory is much softer on the skin.

Which coloured wedding dresses should I choose?

In the shop I have quite a few different colour variations as I totally understand that you're looking for something unique.

Most of the dresses come in muted tones, such a blush pink, champagne nudes and dove greys. Depending on the designer depends on the breadth of colour options. Hayley Paige LOVES colour and many of her dresses can be found in sandwashed orchid (blush pink), moet (champagne), and rosewater (a pink and champagne combo). Kenneth Winston also have a beautiful selection of colours and have recently added cafe and dove grey to their colour options.

I often find that when dresses have an element of colour combined with an ivory lace detail, it makes the lace 'pop' so much more than if it were just on ivory. I really think colour can often bring a dress to life whilst still looking like a wedding dress. This is something I come across often. "If I get a coloured dress, will it still look like a wedding dress?"Of course, it's your wedding and girl, if you want to wear a coloured wedding dress then you go for it!

Quite a lot of the dresses that I have, both in ivory or in a colour, can come the other way around. So for example a champagne dress will be available in ivory and vice versa which gives you even more choice to find the perfect one.

Whether you want to stick to ivory or are after something a little bit different you can have a browse online at all the coloured wedding dresses that I have in the boutique. If you have any questions about a particular dress please get in touch and remember that all wedding dresses look so much better in real life!

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