Wedding Dress Styles – What Is The Best Dress For Your Body Shape

Whatever your body shape there will be a wedding dress for you – there are so many to choose from. Which, can sometimes be the problem, with so much choice how do you make the right decision? When brides come for their wedding dress appointment with me, at Lavelle Bridal Couture, more often than not they always ask, “there’s so many wedding dress styles and I’m not sure which is the best shape for my body type”. Well, fear not, with plenty of years experience under my belt working in the fashion industry I have a keen eye for body shapes and what will flatter your shape the most.

I also, however, think it’s key to remember that if you feel really good in the dress shape that you’ve chosen then all the rules go out of the window. Trust your gut and if you look and feel beautiful in that dress then go for it! Feeling comfortable in your wedding dress is my number one priority for my brides. Feeling comfortable will mean you feel more confident and will look and feel more beautiful.

I totally appreciate how important finding your dream wedding dress for the big day is. Read on to find out how to find the perfect wedding dress styles to suit your body shape.

Wedding Dress Styles – What Body Shape Am I?

Every bride is different, and you may find that your individual shape features parts of multiple body shapes, however, there are four main types of body shapes:

Triangle – A triangle shape is when you’re top half is wider than your bottom, usually broader shoulders with narrow hips. V-necks are great at balancing broad shoulders, as are scoop and wide necklines. I’d advise looking at a thicker strap or a strap that has detail on it, or perhaps a long sleeve.

Apple – An apple shape has larger breasts, narrow hips and a fuller mid-section. A-line dresses look great on body shapes with a fuller bust.

Pear – The opposite of triangle, a pear shape has narrower shoulders and bust than hips. You probably have a defined waist that slopes in to your hips. Look for a dress that defines your waist whilst skimming over your hips. Or if you’d rather a more fitted style try something that flares out just above the knee.

Hourglass – Your hips and bust are practically the same size with a narrow waist that’s well defined. This body shape usually suits most dress styles but read on to find out which will flatter the most.

Wedding Dress Styles To Suit My Body Shape

So now you have a better idea of what body shape you are I’m going to talk you through the different wedding dress styles to suit those body shapes. If you’re petite or tall, don’t worry; I’ve got you girls covered too. There are 5 main types of wedding dress styles that I have in the boutique for you to try on and below I’ve listed exactly what they are and who they’re suitable for.

A-line Wedding Dress

Suitable for: all body shapes.

Named after the shape that this dress creates, the a-line gown is a soft silhouette. With a fitted bodice the skirt then gets fullers from waist to hem. This shape lends itself to brides with a fuller bust. However it’s also perfect for pear shape brides as the skirt skims the hip, drawing the eye to the waist and bust. For triangle shaped brides chose a dress with a low v-neck, wider straps or sleeves. The continuous line that this silhouette creates also works particularly well for both petite and tall brides. This dress really is perfect for every body shape!

Princess Wedding Dress